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Hook Eze

Transport Your Fully Rigged Poles Safely with Hook-Eze

After anchoring in place with Brush Gripper your ready to fish. 

Hook Eze Makes Tying Knots Easy For Everyone

Recreational and Beginner, Pros and Experts, People With
Health Conditions, Kids and Family. Now they can tie their own knots!


How many times have you tried to secure a hook or swivel to the line while bobbing around in your boat and dropped the hook? Snap the hook into the Hook-Eze and use its built-in swivel to twist the line and secure the knot. Hook-Eze trims the line using the built-in cutter. You will wonder how you ever fished without it!  Comes in two sizes. Regular for the smallest ice jig up to a 4/0. Large model for a 1/0 up to 10/0


Are you tired of your hooks getting tangled in your line while carrying your rods down to the river? Clip the Hook-Eze around the hook, snap it closed, and your fully-rigged pole will travel safely to your favorite fishing hole. Designed to fit all of your most popular-sized hooks, it is built out of UV-resistant plastic in bright colors. When you are not using it, drop it in the tackle box or clip it to your fishing vest. It is an elegant solution to a problem that fishermen have faced for centuries.

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