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Brush Grippers are stamped from .048" steel for strength, then tumbled and powder-coated for a tough durable finish.

Hand assembled using all stainless steel rivets and spring.

Stainless Steel is laser cut from .048" 100% marine grade stainless steel, tumbled and assembled using all stainless steel rivets and spring. 100% stainless steel tool was designed with saltwater applications in mind. Great for all uses.

Both comes with 9' of 7 strand 550 para-cord

Brush Gripper securely anchors and holds kayaks, canoes, float tubes or boats up to 22' to brush, docks, or any other stationary object.  Fastest way to secure your boat when out fishing, duck hunting or just moving around on the lake. Anchoring does not scare fish like dropping a conventional anchor. 

The harder you pull the tighter it grips! Because of the way para-cord is looped through tool it is automatically placed around object when clamping on.  When boat pulls away it forces para-cord to tighten on anchor point while closing jaws tighter and tighter.

Many uses in camping and hunting as well.


How It Works

How to Assemble

Customer Demos / Reviews

Anchor without scaring the fish away like dropping a conventional anchor

Big Fish
Brown Fish

Anchor to Any Stationary Object

Boat Anchor
Ice Grab
Kayak Anchor
Rock Grab
Tree Grab
Grab Anchor
4 green Tree
6 in Water
Kayak Hold
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