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Boat Anchor

The Brush Gripper Anchors Your Boat without Scaring Away the Fish

How often have you pulled into your favorite cove and shattered the silence with the splash of your heavy anchor? Did it take hours for the fish to return? Sneak up on your targets and quietly position your boat by using The Brush Gripper by Paul's Discount Gadgets to secure your boat to a handy tree, shrub, or dock. Its toothed clamp bites into the wood and its para-cord line tightens as the river's flow tugs on the line. Drift up to 8 feet and pull yourself back with ease. Want to be farther from your anchor point, simply add a longer rope. Easily holds any boat up to 22'  

A Light, Durable, and Versatile Boat Anchor

Perfect for river use or in shallow eddies, coves, and lakes. This boat anchor is made out of .048-inch steel, for a light yet extremely durable design. Squeeze the clamp to open the teeth and let go when you have it in position, give it a tuge to lock the teeth. To release, just squeeze again, and it will let go of the tree trunk or branch. Take it camping and secure your gear that may get blown about by a stiff wind.

Smart Solutions to All Your Fishing Challenges

Paul's Discount Gadgets stocks more than just our best-selling Brush Gripper. Kit out your tackle box with the Hook-Eze and never struggle to tie on your hook again. Our line threader takes all the work out of rigging your pole. All of our products are affordable and ready to ship! If you always thought there should be a smarter way to fish and control your boat and gear, Paul's Discount Gadgets found it!

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